Practice Educator Awards

Students are asked to nominate one or more practice educators who have made a significant impact on their development as occupational therapists during their placements. Commendation recipients demonstrate exemplary practice in facilitating the learning of occupational therapy students by promoting the student’s identity as an occupational therapist, encouraging reflective practice and demonstrating effective communication skills in supervision and support.

Recipients receive a Certificate of Commendation endorsed by the OT Futures and this is presented at ceremonies each year.  We congratulate occupational therapists on receiving this award and thank you for your enthusiasm and support of the practice education of future occupational therapists.

Practice Education Commendations

The Practice Education Commendation program acknowledges the important contribution occupational therapists make in the practice education of occupational therapy students during undergraduate and post-graduate university placements. Nominations for the award are sought from students from all Queensland universities offering an Occupational Therapy program.