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Welcome to your personal portal to a wide range of practice education resources. Use this page to fast track your way to our various resource kits, fact sheets, publications, checklists and more. There is something for everyone in here, and we encourage you to take the time to have a look at what's on offer.

For Service Providers 

In this section we provide you with links to helpful 'go-to' resources.  These resources will help with planning for and running a successful student placement.

How to create a practice education opportunity

Find out what you need to do to create a practice education opportunity for your workplace and a student.  Many factors require consideration about whether you are ready to provide a quality practice education opportunity in addition to identifying the best fit student for your workplace. 

Pre-placement planning and checklists

Here you will find ideas and proformas for planning for student.  Setting up practice education experiences provides the foundation for expectations and planning. 

Ideas for Student Orientation 

Here you will find ideas and proformas for planning for student.  Setting up practice education experiences provides the foundation for expectations and planning. 

Professional boundaries and ethical practice

Professional boundaries and ethical practice are important skills for students to learn and develop,  Here you will find ways to support the student. 

The orientation folder

An orientation folder will be a very helpful reference tool for the student and for you when orientating the student. It sets the clinical scene for the student, and serves as a prompt for you to ensure that you cover all the important orientation information.

You may like to include in the orientation some or all of the following:

  • General introduction to the service/facility/organisation:mission statement, philosophy, services offered, inter-disciplinary departments, standards of practice, lines of communication/reporting, funding source, hours of practice, costs to client etc.
  • Uniform standards
  • Map of the centre
  • Facilities: ie. canteens, food outlets, banks, post office, public phones, amenities
  • Map of the township if student is not local or locality is rural or remote.
  • Public transport depots/timetables
  • Staff lists with role/discipline: can include a checklist of staff that you would like to schedule time for the student meet with.
  • Meal times/breaks: typical staff meal times/socialisation opportunities, any cultural norms eg. bring a cake on your birthday
  • Information on routine procedures: booking cars, in/out communication board, phone messages, use of email/internet/computers etc
  • OH&S and Emergency procedures
  • Job descriptions, particularly that of the OT at the centre
  • Assessment and treatment procedures used at your centre
  • Reference to Policy and Procedures Manual
  • Report writing protocols and standards.
  • Confidentiality policies and other ethical issues
  • Guidelines for recording statistics
  • Relevant Acts and Legislation e.g. Mental Health Act
  • Information or guidelines relating to providing sensitive and culturally appropriate communication and care for specific client groups
  • Expectations of professional behaviour, including any written protocols on behaviours e.g protocol for observing clients, codes of conduct.
  • Timetable of regular departmental meetings and in-services
  • Caseload specific information
  • List of tutorial topics
  • List of visits or orientation tasks that the student could arrange to other relevant departments or facilities.
  • Any pre-reading materials that may reinforce their theoretical knowledge relevant to the work they will be doing.
  • Special requirements eg. travel requirements, accommodation etc